EduCaB story until now

  -          Beginning of 2013: the concept behind EduCaB is drafted; it’s not an NGO, it’s a platform, it’s intended to be a model of local development, by building capacity at the level of established / existing structures. -          Spring of 2013: the concept is started to be tested as the Volunteering/CSR program of Ipsos Romania (the .. read more

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The fifth stage of the Earthquake Emergency Intervention in Dhading District / Nepal

  Our main focus for this stage is to securing funds and starting the reconstruction works for the first school campus in the area, organizing a second medical camp in Dhading (hiring both GPs and dentists), making a plan and finding the right partners for starting a permanent medical point in the area, while also .. read more

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Nepal EduCaB – Stage II of the emergency intervention in Dhading District / Nepal

Mid June, we have closed stage two of the intervention in Dhading, following to the Earthquake on April 25th and the subsequent aftershocks. What we did so far: 1. Securing safe school space for Mahendrodaya Kalika Secondary School In the first instance, we have build a temporary school space that, along with the existing school, will .. read more

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Earthquake Emergency Intervention Campaign in Dhading District / Nepal

As a response to the critical situation in Dhading district, 64 km. West of Kathmandu, following the Earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25th, The Romanian Centre for Innovation in Local Development urgently initiated an intervention in the area, consisting of 8 villages, 300 households, with around 1250 persons. The strategic partners for the intervention .. read more

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