Kick off ALERT – Earthquake risk mitigation campaign

In February we kick off the project ALERT, a campaign to prevent casualties in case of an earthquake of high intensity. ALERT is an eartquake risk mitigation project aiming to mobilize citizen engagement in data and resource gathering through an online collaborative platform. The project is designed to raise awareness on seismis risk in Bucharest, collect and disseminate resources to those affected by this risk and advocate for mobilization of funds and public sector action.

In brief, we will develop a data crowd sourcing platform from citizens and volunteers on seismic risk buildings in Bucharest(so called red dot buildings). Project volunteers and citizens will be able to upload real time data on a digital map (text & pictures) showing information about buildings at risk. We specifically target raising data about the number of people living in such buildings, as well as other types of information such as: whether the property is still in place or it’s already demolished, whether there are other residential building in close proximity to these that can be affected in case of collapse, whether such buildings or neighboring ones host different functions (eg. shops, offices, etc.) where people are working or visiting, as customers. All in all, we wish to make a “census” of people at risk.

Our team will be working on this platform and plans to launch it towards the end of spring. Meanwhile, we seek to expand our team with a deisgnated volunteer and campaign coordinator.

ALERT is alliged to our core interest to test the power of new technologies – in this case, a data crowdsourcing application – to meet challenges faced by local communities.

The project is funded by Telekom, following TeImplicy project competition and is implemented in partnership by CRIDL and Make Better.

Watch our brief ALERT project presentation here.

Photo: winners of the projects selection campaign Te Implici, ran by Telekom Romania in December 2016

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