Join us at Open Source Circular Economy Days in Bucharest, 9-10 june 2016!

OSCEdays Bucharest is part of an open, distributed and globally connected event, happening at the same time in over 60 cities:

 Industry representatives, designers, policy makers and innovators from across the globe – all enthusiastic supporters of the circular economy principles – share ideas and solutions for prototyping systems, products and designs for an Open Source Circular Economy.

 Bucharest edition updates and details on how to participate are here:

9-10 June program:

>> Day 1 challenge: Building a living lab and cross-sector cooperation for the circular economy in Bucharest. Hosted by ASE. To participate, please reserve your place on Eventbrite. What we have in plan:

  • Debates on why and how we can transform the current economic model with circular economy solutions;
  • Challenge: How can we foster more collaboration on circular economy solutions in Bucharest through a cross-sector cooperation platform like a living lab? Brainstorming on circular economy projects that could be piloted as next steps.

>> Day 2 challenge: Textile waste as a resource. Hosted by NOD Makerspace and facilitated by Romanian Textile Concept Cluster. What we have in plan:

  • Mini-gallery of textile up-cycling ideas and projects – to promote current practices;
  • Display of textile waste samples – to stimulate ideas;
  • Workshop with industry people and designers/makers – to facilitate joint work for upcycling;

If you are an interested designer, maker or entrepreneur, please complete our survey of ideas here by 5th of June! 

OSCEdays Bucharest are co-organized by: CRIDL – Romanian Centre for Innovation in Local Development, ASE – Academy of Economic Studies, NOD Makerspace, Romanian Textile Concept Cluster and Arcub. 

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