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We believe that we have greater potential to generate meaningful and sustainable impact if we bring together the energy, know-how and resources of like-minded individuals and organizations to focus on practical solutions and opportunities. Wherever and whenever possible we seek to create synergies of vision and action, strengthen our partners’ capacities, and work together toward common goals.

Support CRIDL

We are currently at the beginning of a journey. While we don’t lack determination and ideas, there are many other resources which we need in order to realize the full potential of our vision, and toward this end we welcome you to partner with us. You could support our vision and activities by contributing financially, sharing information and data, contacts and expertise, or personally getting involved in our projects. Learn more about our initiatives and contact us to find out how you could contribute.

Redirect 2%

If you share our goals and would like to support our activities, please consider redirecting 2% of your income tax to CRIDL. More information on how you can do this as well as how we will utilize funds received from redirected income tax is available here (instrument available for Romanian tax payers only).



Build with us

Does your organization follow similar aims or do you work on initiatives that complement or overlap our activities? If so, why not unite forces and develop projects together? Contact us by phone or send us an email to start a conversation on how we can align our efforts.

Become a volunteer

Do you like our ideas? Would you like to get involved in our projects and vision? Then help us in implementing them! Send us a CV and a few lines on what you like to do and how you could see us working together and, in turn, we will contact you with details on how you can participate.                                      

Follow us on Facebook

We have created our Facebook page for the purpose of making the exchange of ideas easier and to help you keep up-to-date with our work, as well as to facilitate the interaction among people which support us. Add us to your network!