Thematic areas


CRIDL projects target three main thematic areas that relate to what, in our view, represent the key factors for prosperity of local communities.

Development of the local economic base

We believe that the diversification and strengthening of income-generating activities based on sustainable utilization of local resources (e.g., building on landscape and heritage through tourism activities, processing and marketing of local products, etc.) are the main engines of local development. We thus aim to work with small businesses, producer groups, artisans and entrepreneurs in tourism and other areas, acting as a facilitator and intermediary between producer and market.

We also intend to bridge the practice of local economic development with the key trends, advice, and financial support mechanisms and resources at the European level regarding the potential of the digital economy, support / connection to systems of innovation, and social entrepreneurship.

Community regeneration

Processes of governance and social capital are, in our view, the main catalysts of livable, active and prosperous communities. We will support local initiatives that develop these elements by working with local actors such as community organizations, educational institutions, local museums, libraries, authorities, etc.

We also believe that the life of a community extends outside the local administrative borders. We therefore intend to actively support alternative territorial governance structures such as inter-community development associations, local action groups, or even transnational networks and partnerships.

Quality of life improvements

Access to basic public services, internal mobility, quality of public spaces, and inter-connection to the outside world (e.g., access to transport networks or broadband) are just some of the elements that contribute to quality of life.

Adding to this, heritage preservation, cultural diversity enhancement and social events strengthen local identity and pride as well as generate place attachment and attractiveness. All these are topics we aim to approach in our future work.