Action Plan for Local Development in Cahul region, Republic of Moldova

CRIDL has developed, during May – July 2013, the Local Action Plan for the Cahul district, Republic of Moldova, as part of the EU-sponsored VIVA EASTPART project: Valorisation and Improving of Management of Small Historic Centers in the Eastern Partnership Region.

VIVA EASTPART’s goal is to develop a methodology for the sustainable valorization for local development of natural and cultural heritage in the specific context of post-socialist countries, involving local communities and local stakeholders in three pilot areas: the Hârtibaciu Valley in Romania (Association for an Urban Transition- project leader), the Tavush region of Armenia (local partners: ARMECAS – Armenian Ecotourism Association) and the Cahul district of Moldova (local partners: ACTIE – The Agency for Crossborder Cooperation and European Integration).

Cătălina Preda and Gruia Bădescu, CRIDL members, have been coopted as part of the team of international experts from Italy, Spain, Armenia and Romania who developed the methodology through three thematic seminars and worked at the local level with stakeholders in three local workshops and beyond. The CRIDL experts have worked with ACTIE on an array of activities of the project, including the analysis of the local, national and European territorial context, the methodological support of local development through cultural heritage, the organization of the process of participatory planning, culminating in the drafting of local action plans and project ideas designed to promote local values and experiences but also to test the methodology and to stimulate the sustainable development of the territory.

The Action Plan is a document intended as a working tool to achieve the general objective of supporting a balanced territorial development, based on landscape/nature and cultural heritage as resources and the cultural territorial system approach, identified as the central methodological set of tools for the project areas. The Local Action Plan for the Cahul district is the outcome of three local workshops in which the project team, CRIDL experts and local working groups established the local intervention priorities and the strategic framework for action. The Plan answers to the demands expressed by local stakeholders as well as to the characteristics of the territory: generating socio-economic growth while maintaining the qualities and values of the natural landscape and protecting and valorizing cultural heritage- material and immaterial, traditions and customs. The purpose of this Local Action Plan is to adopt a series of measures to 1) harmonize aspects which emerged through the analysis of the territory/ territorial context; 2) to increase the quality of life of the local population on the local term and 3) to increase the awareness of local communities on development opportunities through heritage and landscape. Furthermore, another important goal of this document is to create a territorial-cultural model of action which can be replicable in other areas of the Republic of Moldova or other areas in Eastern Europe.


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